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Simon Pirschel

DevOps Engineer
Automation Orchestration Containers CI/CD Cloud SaaS Python

I'm Simon and I am passionate about development and operations.

With 10+ years experience in development and operations, I combine a deep understanding of Linux systems with a brought knowledge in software engineering. My specialties are Linux, DevOps, automation and service architecture design for "as a Service" products.


Founder & DevOps Engineer 2016 - present

Pirschel DevOps

Chief Architect 2015 - 2016

Vice President Engineering 2013 - 2014

DevOps Engineer 2012

Co-Founder 2012 - present

Abusix, Inc.

DevOps Engineer 2009 - 2011

Linux System Administrator 2008

Gameforge AG

Linux System Administrator 2004 - 2008



Computer Science Expert 2004 - 2007
Fachinformatiker Systemintegration, HHEK Bonn

Comprehensive School 1995 - 2003
Gesamtschule, Europaschule Bornheim

Elementary School 1990 - 1995
Grundschule, Wendelinus-Grundschule Sechtem


Simon Pirschel
 Bonn, Germany
 Karlsruhe, Germany

Dev Stack (TOP 5)


Ops Stack (TOP 5)

Debian Linux
ELK Stack

DB Stack (TOP 5)


Tech Stack (TOP 5)

Stream Processing
Web scraping
Data mining
Machine Learning


High Performance Time Series Database for IPv4/v6 Blacklistings PyPy SophiaDB

API driven database to historical store billions of IP blacklistings across several blacklist providers through a multi dimensional key design for highly effective range queries to provide an aggregated blacklist service for network operators.

  • Store billions of entries
  • Filterable by IP, CIDR, time, time range and blacklist provider
  • Result response in under 50 msec.

Network Attack Analysis & Reporting Tool Python Redis JavaScript ElasticSearch Kibana

Tool for statistical analysis based on network related attacks with data coming from Spam trap and Honeypot networks.

  • Store at least 1 year of data with a daily amount of 400 million new entries
  • Near real-time data intake
  • Filterable by Date, Src. IP, Dst. IP, Src. Port, Dst. Port, Service, Protocol, Country Code, Payload, Attack Type
  • Visualize in a customizable dashboard

High Performance & Self-contained Network Service Honyepot Python gevent

Honeypot to record network based attacks on well known services like databases, remote shells, HTTP servers etc. reported near real-time to a centralized data sink.

  • Low memory footprint
  • Easy deployment
  • Security measure to avoid leak of honeypot node
  • Emulate TCP/UDP services
  • Automatic updates and control features
  • Secure and near real-time event data transport

Network Abuse Handling Tool Python Redis ElasticSearch OpenLDAP JavaScript Backbone.js Marionette.js Bootstrap

See: SaaS product abusehq.

Pipeline oriented event processing framework Python Redis

Framework to build pipeline oriented work flows for data event processing through isolated pluggable components.

Search Engine Monitoring System Python Pyramid MySQL

Position monitoring of URLs in search engine result pages for given keywords acquired by keyword analysis of competitors and search engine suggestions. Tool was used to measure SEO activities.

Online Game Transaction Tracking System Python CEP

System to track and identify bot activities by gold farmers by tracking ingame transaction events.

User Account Load Balancing System Perl

System for web games to evenly distribute new users across instances.

Server Infrastructure & Role Management Tool Perl MySQL

System to manage thousands of server instances and the application level role of the server to provision and deploy services.

SSH Key Deployment & Privilege Management Tool Perl MySQL

System to manage SSH keys, access to servers and SSH key deployment.



ciso8601 vs mxDateTime vs udatetime

In my last performance comparison I compared libraries with non performance goals with datetime and udatetime, to illustrate the impact of your library choice. Arrow, Pendulum and Delorean are awesome choices when it comes to...

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datetime vs Arrow vs Pendulum vs Delorean vs udatetime

The big alternatives to Python datetime all share similar goals. These goals are ease of use, simplicity and intelligent/user friendly API design. Awesome goals and I love those libraries for investing a lot of effort...

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udatetime now with ultra fast PyPy support

I just finished the performance optimized pure Python implementation of my RFC3339 date-time library udatetime for PyPy and Python 3.5. The benchmark say PyPy is now officially the fastest with udatetime. Again it’s astonishing how...

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udatetime a fast RFC3339 compliant date-time Python library

Working with date-time formats can be pretty upsetting because of the variate of different formats people can come up with. date-times are used everywhere not just only logging or meta data in database entries and...

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Fix Ubuntu 16.04, external monitor flickering and turning off on Intel i915.

If you experience constant screen flickering and your external monitor turning off every other 3-5 seconds on a Intel i915, here is how I fixed the issue. Update kernel First get and install the current...

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Datetime hell. Timezone aware to UNIX timestamp.

Rating +1 for datetime in the category crapiest module in the Python 2.x Standard Library. The fact that datetimes in Python are time zone unaware by default, even if you parse a datetime from a...

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Python Lessons - Part 2

What we will cover in this part More detail on data types For Loop Statement Exercise: More features for the Website monitoring tool Solution to exercise in part 1 Before we get started, here is...

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Python Lessons - Intro & Part 1

Intro A friend of mine, who is studying Computer Science, asked me to help him learning a Programming Language. Students with no background in programming often learn Java as first language, which I find very...

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Accessing Docstring of decorated functions

Accessing a Docstring in Python is pretty simple. Just get __doc__ on any Python object and it will return the Docstring of the object. class Foo(object): '''Test Docstring''' >>> a = Foo() >>> a.__doc__ 'Test...

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Python TCP socket performance tweak on Linux

TLDR sockopt TCP_NODELAY=1 increases performance big time if you’re doing lots of small blocks of data with socket.IPPROTO_TCP. Long Story Over at abusix I started a project using IMAP. For connecting an IMAP server in...

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